Genius 21-Year-Old Stock Kid Makes Millions in Stocks!

21-Year-Old Stock Trader Grows $650k Net Worth


Jason Pelts from Milwaukee is not your typical stock investor. As a 21-year-old college senior, he invested his $1,500 savings account and turned it into a $1 million portfolio.

Although Pelts’ returns are astonishing, they took only about three years to occur. His first big trade was a web hosting company. The stock netted him $2,000 in ten minutes. This sent him on his way to earning six figures while still living with his mother and father.

Pelts was able to capitalize on market fluctuations that others didn’t see coming. However, Wall Street Economist Keith Fitz-Gerald may have just figured them out.

A regular guest on Fox Business and CNBC, Fitz-Gerald has created a formula which pinpoints stocks exactly as they are soaring upwards.

Forbes has called him a “business visionary.”

Fitz-Gerald is a veteran of Wilshire Associates – a leading investment management firm that manages trillions in capital.

“You will, with 100% certainty, only buy stocks that are going up,” he said.

In a recent presentation, Keith Fitz-Gerald explained how this formula works.

Fitz-Gerald’s latest video reveals how you can get in on the next stock to have a “buy” alert.

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Source: Marc & Angel Hacklife

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